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2018 Theme

CI in Context: Writings and Resources

Follow the links to the articles and publications below for good reads on the festival, CI practice, and some of the issues we face as a community of practice.


About wcciJAM

Body as Home: A Reflection of the POC-Centered Jam Experience at the West Coast Contact Improvisation Jam

- by Nhu Nguyen, published in Contact Quarterly

Abled, disabled, connect through DanceAbility

- Berkeley Times


WCCIJAM 2013: Talking Bay Area Contact Improvisation, Past Present & Future

- inDance

Contact Improvisers Consider #metoo

- inDance



About CI

My Story about People of Color’s Contact Improvisation (POC CI) Jams and Parcon Resilience

- by Andrew Suseno, in Contact Quarterly

Action Potential and the Potential to Take Action: Calling on Contact Improvisation and Site-Specific Dance during a Life-Threatening Event

- by Megan Lowe, in Contact Quarterly

Contact Improvisers consider #metoo

- wcciJAM 2018 organizers & teachers

Contact Quarterly

- CI's publication of record. Subscribe!

Interview with the Fear Snuggler

- Miryam Coppersmith interviewing Eroca Nicols

IWB = Improvising While Black

- Mayfield Brooks

Myths to Break Down: Moving Toward Ethical Communication and Ethical Sexuality in CI

- Sarah Gottlieb

Respecting Boundaries / Coexisting Genders Women’s Experiences of Feeling Unsafe in Contact Improv

- Brooks Yardley

“That lady”: The story of what happened when a woman put up a boundary in the contact improv world

- Kathleen Rea

The Newcomer Experience in Contact Dance Improvisation

- Kathleen Rea

The Stages of Consent Culture for Dance Communities

- Megan Emerson & Portland Country Dance Community


About the world we live in

Wetoo: What dancers talk about when they talk about sexism

- Ilse Ghekiere

The Difference Between Cultural Exchange and Cultural Appropriation

- Jarune Uwujaren


Privileges Held By Straight People

- Queers United

White Fragility

- Robin DiAngelo

Transphobia and Discrimination

- Trans Accessibility Project

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