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Special Events 2020

2023 Cancelled due to COVID-19


Check out some of our great special events that happened in 2019! Stay tuned for what is in store for 2024!
A Right To Dance - JAM by and for People of Color - Saturday 4–6pm

Facilitated JAM space for dance, movement and connection for dancers of Color. Participants pay by donation, no-one turned away for lack of funds. Childcare available.

Parcon Resilience JAM - Sunday 2–4pm


We invite you to join us in an intentional collective space.


Parcon Resilience is a race conscious jam across marginalized intersections of ability and age. The practice of Parcon Resilience combines Parcon (Parkour +Contact Improvisation) and Resilience (Social Justice).


During a Jam participants share weight and momentum with objects, others and the environment through any surface of the body for fun, experimentation, and inquiry into embodied habits and liberation. Participants will be asked to pledge to community guidelines for safety and respect, varied cultural ways of expression and collective wellness in entering this jam. 


For more information on this go to Parcon Resilience Website

UNDERSCORE - Tuesday 2–5:30pm 
Introduction and talk-thru of the score - Monday 2–3pm


Underscore is a long-form movement improvisation structure, where all dancers begin and end the practice together.  Developed by Nancy Stark Smith since the 1990's, Underscore consists of more than 20 phases which the participants move through in their own timing. The score is a collective research into the spaces we create and the dances we invite,  and all of the wcciJAM movement spaces will be part of the playscape of the Underscore for its duration.

If you have not taken part in an Underscore before, the Introduction and talk-thru on Monday is mandatory. You need this to find out what we will be doing. The score itself is not facilitated: each mover moves through the score following their own timing within the shared spaces.

Find out more about the Underscore Here!

Read More Here!

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