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Check back later for WEX 2020 information!

Thank you for your interest in doing work exchange for wcciJAM! Feel free to refer to this WEX 2019 info, and check back later for more WEX info for 2020.


Right now we have a full WEX team and a full wait list. Please check Registration for ways to be part of the JAM this year.

Please note that WEX is not a volunteer position: compensation is between $15- $20 per hour worked, delivered in the form of a refund after work exchange hours are completed. Spaces are limited, and we are looking to add team members with a strong work ethic and commitment to the success of the JAM. WEX is also a lot of FUN, and a great way to meet new people. To apply, fill out the google form below, ranking the type of shifts you’d prefer to work in order of preference from 1 to 3.


We take WEX applications as soon as registration opens. We give preference to those applying early, but final decisions regarding WEX won’t be announced until May 15th. Please understand that all those submitting work exchange applications need to register and pay Full Festival amount at the time that your application is submitted. Work exchange will not be granted to those who have not paid. Contact us regarding financial hardship, if making this deposit is truly not possible for you.


Ways to help with wcciJAM 2019:

Registration Team will help to welcome and check in guests as they arrive on site, orienting and registering JAM attendees.  A friendly and welcoming demeanor is very important! Familiarity with computers and ability to use the simple functions of excel, google docs, etc. is a must. Be prepared to pitch in each day of the festival on an AM or PM shift, working a few extra hours at the start of the festival when registration is busiest. 

On-Call/Admin Team will help with daily operations throughout the JAM. You may be asked to help with logistics in any of the main dance halls, assisting teachers, staff, and/or running errands. Whatever comes up, you’ll help with! This position is key to making our event run as smoothly: a flexible and helpful demeanor is a must! Event management experience is a plus, but not required.

Childcare Team. This year we will be offering Playcare on all five days of the event (Friday 6/28 through Tuesday 7/2) from 10am–12:30pm and 4–6pm. Previous child care work experience is a MUST.  Please note that part of this work exchange shift happens during the intensive time block, so you may not be able to participate in the 5 day intensive. Ideally, this position will be shared with others, so you can participate in the awesome drop in intensive during the days you don’t do childcare.

Cleaning/Sweeping/Food Service/Snacks/Beautification Team makes sure the studios are clean and ready to be danced on, serves food and cleans up during lunch time, and sets up the snack table at night. This is a partial work-exchange with a max of 9 hours, half off the cost of early registration. 

*The WEX team will be paid $15 to $20 per hour – in the form of paychecks, cash, or PayPal refunds delivered following the event.


Contact wex@wccijam.org with questions.

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