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2018 Theme

Reflections on our culture and practice

Inclusivity & Assumptions 
We have the fortune and misfortune to "live in interesting times." As festival organizers, we are keenly aware that what we do takes place in a specific sociopolitical context. At the 2017 wcciJAM, we put out a statement meant to generate dialogue. Click here to read the 2017 Statement and feel free to contact us if you wish to engage! 
De/Constructing Power
The theme of wcciJAM 2018 is De/Constructing Power. In light of the #metoo movement, and following years of discussion in CI circles regarding the frequent failure of jam culture to make safe space for women, LGBTQI folks, and people of color, this year we hope to engage our participants and teachers in an effort to shake things up. In that spirit, we hope the jam will include much reflection, discussion, challenging of norms and power structures, and disruption of business as usual. Please check out this article in inDance magazine, in which female wcciJAM 2018 teachers reflect on how #metoo has changed contact — or not.  Please also read our new Jam Guidelines and Protocol for Response to Incidents.
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