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PlayCare, and JAMming for all ages

Below is information on how PlayCare and Family JAMS usually work for wcciJAM.

PlayCare is a fun activity space for children and youth attending wcciJAM, open during the morning intensives and the afternoon class series. PlayCare is spearheaded by two inspiring and experienced leaders, supported by WEX participants who have experience working with children.

To attend PlayCare, your child must be potty trained, be able to understand and follow verbal instructions, and to state their needs clearly to the PlayCare leaders. Please make sure your child is fed before dropping them off at PlayCare, that they have water and snacks with them, and that you have applied sunscreen.

JAMming for All Ages: wcciJAM welcomes dancers of all ages, including children. The afternoon JAM warm-ups Friday through Monday at 2pm are designed to be child-inclusive, and to offer ways into creating shared JAM experiences for grown ups and younger dancers.


Children are welcome in all the JAM spaces as long as they follow the same JAM guidelines that apply to the grown-ups. Children should always be accompanied by a participating adult who is responsible for the child's safety and wellbeing.

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