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wcciJAM 2024


Jonathan Kipp | Sunday 1:45-3:30PM, Come See, We Still Do

Jonathan Kipp is a percussionist and accordionist based in Oakland, CA. He plays a variety of styles, and especially enjoys accompanying theater and dance. Recently he has accompanied the works of Rosemary Hannon and Miriam Wolodarski, Juliana Frick, and Leslie Castellano.

Nate Cavalieri | Saturday 9-11PM, Evening Jam

Nate Cavalieri is an Oakland-based musician, accompanist and writer. He studied music at Oberlin Conservatory, where a work-study gig as a dance accompanist changed his life. He plays with the Dominican BFA program at Alonzo King Lines Ballet, UC Berkeley, and is a regular with the contact jam at Berkeley's Finnish Hall & The Center SF. He loves few things in this world as much as the conversation between improvised movement and improvised music.

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Tom Djill & Suki O'Kane | Friday 9-11PM, Evening Jam

Tom Djll studied with Roscoe Mitchell, Alvin Curran, Pauline Oliveros, Anthony Braxton, and Wadada Leo Smith. At the Mills College Contemporary Music Center, he developed a personal trumpet language alongside electronic and microtonal studies. He uses movement and trance-related energies to form a complete musical expression.

Oakland-based musican, composer, improviser Suki O’Kane works with artists from a wide array of music and movement genres. She is a student of monumental and durational forms, combining percussion, Jurassic electronics, everyday objects and found sounds to create noisy, hand held miniatures.

Erica Stevenson | Thursday 9-11PM, 

Erica Stevenson has been playing the violin since she was a wee little tot. Throughout high school, she practiced like it was her job, joining every orchestra and music opportunity possible. Sadly, her practice died off suddenly through the stressful years of early adulthood...over a decade later, Erica started playing music for her small Contact Improv Covid Bubble. This new improvisational way of playing, inspired by dance and life around her, brought her back to her long lost passion. Now you'll find her schlepping a violin with her to parties and improv jams.


M'Gilvry Allen | Wednesday 9-11PM, Evening Jam

M'Gilvry Allen is a musician and producer from Sebastopol, California. His music blends folk instruments, modern production, and multilayered vocal harmonies into a kaleidoscope of familiar sounds. His debut album, In My Garden, was entirely self produced in a handmade earth plaster music studio in rural Oregon. M'Gilvry's work can be found on all major streaming platforms and on social media as @mgilvryallen

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