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Diana Lara (Deepening Class)
Class Description: "Inner/outer spirals"

In this class, we will use elements of Body Mind Centering to create awareness of the map of spinal nerves distribution in the connective tissue and skin (dermatomas). This awareness could assist to perceive the tri-dimensionality of the arms and legs, and its potential for creating spiral forms and flow in contact dance.



Diana Lara is a choreographer, dancer, and somatic therapist from Honduras. She graduated from the choreography program of the Center for Research and Choreography at the Mexican Institute of Fine Arts, from the Somatic Research and Participatory Arts program at Moving-on- Center in Oakland, and the Body- Mind Centering® certification program in developmental movement. She has taught contact classes based in BMC principles in the San Francisco Bay Area in pre-jam classes at Counterpulse, and 8 th street studio, and at the WCCIJam in 2014.

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