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Ronja Ver
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Steve Paxton, Material for the Spine, and Legacies of Curiosity

In the wake of Steve's passing, I want to share some things I learned while working with him. Material for the Spine is a vast body of work which recflects his embodied intellect and dogged curiosity, and spans decades from Puzzle number 1 to directing your sitsbones into a developpé machine, to fooling your vestibular apparatus in order to mess with your sense of balance. The attitude is one of rigorous inquiry. We will do some of Steve's daily drills and work with both the classical puzzle forms and some of the newer stuff that didn't always make the final cut.



Ronja Ver is a dancer, dance maker, educator, native to Suomi (Finland), living on unceded land of the Ohlone people. A perpetual student of performance as a way of participating in community, they are inspired by physical, social and mass movement, and its capacity to create meaningful impact on a personal and global scale. Their work spans both Europe and the United States, and they are delighted to be spinning underwater in Steve Paxton’s DVD Material For The Spine. Ver is a graduate of Moving On Center and holds an MFA in Dance from Hollins University.

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