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Margit Galanter

Class Description

Material Matters
Since the passing of Steve Paxton, I've been revisiting Material for the Spine, the movement technique Steve created that studies sensation and architecture in dancing with the body’s center, the spine. This work is useful for so many physical practices, certainly CI. I have been asking also,... what is missing in it? Together we will wonder, what are applications of a technique that match the environmental-cultural-collective matters we face here now today? We will visit some MftS practices and contextualize them by extending movement, with conversation, receptivity, & the breathing of life.

Margit Galanter is a movement educator, dance poet, and visionary cultural instigator living in the East Bay, California, unceded Ohlone land. Hir unique practice helps people access the potency of movement. Margit is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, qigong teacher, acupressurist, and movement artist. Margit teaches workshops, works one-on-one with clients, performs, curates, and collaborates with practitioners from a wide range of media and disciplines, worldwide.


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