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Klaus Neuhold
Class Description:

Your Voice in Contact Improvisation

How can your voice support your practice of contact improvisation? Can the vibration of sound support your body's readiness to dance? What might help you feel empowered to use our voice to say No, speak up for yourself, and for others? With the help of solo, partner, and group exercises we'll explore releasing excess tone through toning, sounds to support reaching, and co-regulating through sound.



Klaus’ (contact) improvisation practice is currently influenced by many wonderful people such as Bobby McFerrin, Ray Chung, Alicia Grayson, Benoît Lachambre, Nita Little, Carmen Serber, and… his desk job. Part of why he practices (contact) improvisation is to cultivate curiosity over ambition, be with awkwardness, and find joy & playfulness in the moment; some days that works better than others. Finding fellow folks that are nerdy about researching (contact) improvisation together makes him happy. Klaus likes having plenty of time & space to start a dance slowly and hopes to be able to share some of his excitement for (contact) improvisation with you.

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