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Jeff Bliss
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Class Description:
Low Riding

There is a world of balance, rising, falling, and momentum close to the floor. This class will explore that endless terrain with occasional reference to moving higher in space - known as standing.
Gravity Tastes Like Honey
We evolved from primates and have 360 degrees of possible directions of movement in our bodies. So why are we living in a world of using maybe 120 degrees of our range? We cook, we drive, we write, we walk, we sit, we look at the screen, This class is an opportunity to expand back into 360 degrees of choices and expand our confidence as movers, to explore our play with gravity in our own bodies and with others, and to get rigorous about our exploration of movement and contact improvisation.



Jeff has been a student of Contact Improvisation for 40+ years. As a member of Group 6 (w/ Chris Aiken, Nancy Stark Smith, Ray Chung, Julie Carr, Peter Bingham) Jeff explored composition and performance issues in improvisation. Jeff continues as a founding member (14 years) of Nancy Stark Smih’s Underscore research group in Northampton, MA.
.Jeff began his dance life with Betty Jones in Hawaii and then joined Liz Lerman/Dance Exchange for 9 years where he served the Director of Community Programs. Teaching the Families Dance Together class at Jacobs Pillow for16 years is perhaps his favorite dance experience.

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