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Ezra LeBank
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Class Description:

Dirt Work

This training is rooted in connection to the ground to expand, integrate, and ready our bodies in conversation with gravity and the earth as preparation for abundant and radical choice-making in horizontal, vertical, and spherical space for both ourselves and in support of those we dance with. From rolling, sliding, and inverting opportunities toward playful improvisational scores, we imagine a dance we co-create amidst simultaneous independence and communion.



Ezra LeBank is a Professor of Movement at California State University Long Beach. Meditation, Aikido, and contemporary floorwork find their way into his curiosity of CI. His approach is inspired by many wonderful teachers including Nancy Stark Smith, Steve Paxton, Ray Chung, Mike Vargas, and Nita Little. He has been invited as a teacher at International Contact Festival Freiburg, MOVE Copenhagen, Warsaw Flow/Poland Contact Festival, West Coast Contact Improv Jam, Seattle Festival for Dance Improvisation, Oberlin CI@50, and others. With Bad Goat Dance, he studies Dirt Work & Cloud Tectonics as methods of bringing ourselves closer to the earth, the sky, and each other.

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