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Cheyenne Dunbar
Cheyenne and Shell dancing.jpg
Class Description: "Mobility and Awareness Training"
Saturday, June 29th, 7:30pm-9pm

Cheyenne says, “New pathways of movement create new pathways of thought”. By connecting more deeply with your body, you can access untapped areas of creativity, perceptions, and intuition. He has created this Mobility and Awareness training from his experience with martial arts and contact improve dance. This practice is valuable for practitioners of all ages and all physical levels, including marital artists, dancers, and movers of all kinds, as well as those seeking a better experience with their bodies. Exploring new facets of physicality can open mental and emotional blocks. Students will:

  • Get in deeper connection with the body and expand its capabilities.

  • Explore range of movement and improve it with regular practice.

  • Develop keen spatial and physical awareness.

  • Connect energetically with the environment and others in your field—and how connection does not mean “blissed out.”

  • Gain greater understanding of using gravity and how to work against it for graceful and elegant movement.

  • Discover the intelligence of the feet and how the body follows their lead—ALWAYS.



Cheyenne Dunbar has developed the Primal Integrated Movement Practice to explore each individual’s range of motion and capabilities, building strength and improving mobility over time. Cheyenne draws from almost 3 decades of multidisciplinary martial arts experience (including boxing, tai chi, muay thai, capoeira angola), dance, and performance arts, and takes the most effective principles from each form to craft a truly unique movement experience.

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