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Anna Landauer
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Wildance: Sensory Movement Explorations in Nature

Wildance is an experiential, wilderness based, dance project. Wildance includes participatory dance art performance work and experiential sensory movement exploration rooted in improvisation and mindfulness. These awareness practices aim to bridge and build relationship between ourselves as dancers and movers with the environment we are moving in and relating with. We compose dance as an embodied conversation and expression of our collaboration with this earth and universe. Utilizing facilitated improvisation scores, Qi sensititizing activities, mindfulness practice, and immersion in nature we connect with the elements and each other; experiencing, expressing and sharing our collective connection through dance. We find stillness, listen to the moment, the landscape, to the breath of life around us. We listen to our own heartbeat, to the felt presence of each other as we experience ourselves in wildness.



Anna Landauer
Anna Mae, daughter of Kathy Marie, teacher, healer and human.
Dancer, witch, intuitive, empath, embodied seeker and truth teller.
Earth steward, lover of nature and wildness.
Student, teacher, medicine maker and rebel.
Movement artist and improviser.
Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist
Massage Therapist
Artistic Director of Wildance

It is my intention to offer celebratory and exploratory experiences for folx to practice mindful embodiment through playful movement and sensory awareness. I am committed to spreading the spirit of adventure and exploration, to nurture and support compassionate living through immersion in nature, dance/movement, creativity, mindfulness and the healing arts.


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