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Rebecca Bone

Photo by: Cole Hatcher

Class Description: "Contact Without Need"

What is it to contact another without needing a specific response or outcome? Can you lean in without expecting that your partner will be there to fully support you? In this class we will practice giving and taking space within the context of a duet, freeing each person to experience autonomy within the dance. Thru solo movement investigation we will work with first building awareness and trust in our own moving body by exploring the pathways that are available to us today (which may be different from yesterday). Bringing information gleaned from solo practice into duets, we will learn to track and move with our partner thru varying stages of giving and receiving weight, thus allowing for the surrender of a shared point of gravity as well as the play that can emerge from fostering individuality and letting go of expectation.



Rebecca Bone is a facilitator of movement improvisation who guides individuals to connect with the innate intelligence of their body as a foundation for engaging in partner and group dancing. With more than 20 years cumulative study and experience in modern and contemporary dance, somatics, Contact Improvisation (CI), Axis Syllabus, Capoeira and physical theater, Rebecca’s unique style as a performer and facilitator comes from her talent for sensing and responding to what’s emerging in the moment from her classes, audiences and surrounding environment. She’s had the pleasure of studying CI with Nancy Stark Smith, Sarah Shelton Mann, Jules Beckman, Andrew Hardwood, Kirstie Simson, KJ Holmes and Ulla Makinen among others, and is currently undergoing a year-long training in Somatic Education with Moving on Center. Rebecca hails from Nevada City, CA where she facilitates a monthly Underscore and teaches a weekly CI class that is followed by an open jam. In 2017, she co-facilitated the New Year’s Eve Jam at Earthdance in Western Massachusetts and has co-facilitated 3-day regional jams near her home in Nevada City.

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