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Juliana Mendonca
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Class Description:


Liquidanza is a practice of movement and dance in the water created by Juliana Mendonca, that allows you to connect with the water within the body and be water in the water. This practice is an invitation to connect with the body and mind from an awareness of water that allows us to recognize ourselves and be from the intelligence of water. Floating, relaxing, moving or dancing in the water is a healing and expansive experience that brings a powerful change of consciousness in the relationship with our bodies, our minds and our nature. As we dive into the water, our weight shifts and our movement slows down, creating new possibilities for movement and a harmonious, relaxing, creative and meditative state.

Liquidanza Contact Jam is an opportunity to dance alone and with others in a fluid, spontaneous and magically aquatic world. From elements of Dance, Contact Improvisation and Water Body, participants are guided to explore specific qualities of the movement and the possibilities of interaction with water alone, in pairs or in groups.

* Please note this water dance class takes place offsite at 3 Sisters Pool in Oakland.
The class has highly limited spots available, and an additional cost of $30/participant.
Registration for this session will open separately, and will be announced to all registered festival participants via email.



Juliana Mendonca
Juliana Mendonca is a Venezuelan Contemporary Dance Performer, Choreographer and Teacher. She is an innovative bodyworker influenced by Latin Traditional Dances, Butoh, Contact Improvisation and Physical Theater. Throughout her career she has developed a unique language with which she can express and create powerful art and healing. She has dedicated many years to creating projects and performances inspired by water: Raíz de Agua, La Naciente, Drop & Drought, Liquidanza, Sono Somatic, water has represented a very important element to understand herself. She currently directs her own proposal for relaxation and dance practice in the water, Liquidanza. She also works with Destiny Arts Center, La Peña Cultural Center, Private Events, and collaborates with other Bay Area Artists.


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