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Jen Chien
(Fundamentals Class)
Class Description: "The Least You Can Do"

When so much of modern life asks you to do more more more, one of the joys of CI is reversing that. Let's explore minimum effort for maximum effect! We'll refine our sensory awareness with relaxation, then use that as our base for movement and collaboration. Rather than jumping to the use of force or "muscling through," we'll discover the pleasures of ease which can lead us to a deeper experience of flow and power in our dancing. 



Jennifer Chien is a radio journalist, movement/theater artist, bodyworker, and mom. She has been practicing CI since 1994 and has taught at venues including CounterPULSE, Experimental Performance Institute, and the Freiburg Contact Festival. Her teaching is influenced by studies in yoga, contemporary dance, aerial dance, authentic movement, bodywork, and more. As performer, she is fortunate to have worked with many amazing folks, including Erika Chong Shuch, Jesselito Bie, Scott Wells, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Jo Kreiter, Joe Goode, and her favorite teacher, Nancy Stark Smith. She received her MA in Interdisciplinary Performance in 2004, and is a great fan of dogs.

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