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Paul Singh

Photo by: Hope Davis

Class Description: "Humans, animals, dancers, and everything in between"

In this class I'd like to pass through some movement exercises that set us up for quality community jamming. We will work with the weight and effort of our pelvis, some pushing, leaning and directing with our hands and arms, discovering the solo body and how it adds itself to others for duo and trio dancing, some mind-reading skills, some rule-breaking, and some pathways for supporting, stealing, and offering. There are so many skill sets that we can focus on in order to enjoy ourselves at a jam. But at the end of the dancing, we leave the space the same way we entered - alone, but changed. 



Paul Singh is a dancer that lives and works in New York City, USA. He earned his BFA degree in Dance from the University of Illinois, USA, where he focused on a variety of dance techniques including Alexander Technique, Ballet, Modern and Contact Improvisation. He began his studies in CI with Chris Aiken and since then has studied with Angela Dony, Yaniv Mintzer, Ray Chung and others. He has traveled the world to all the CI festivals in Israel, Russia, India, Spain, Germany, Finland, Canada, etc. He has led intensives at many of these contact gatherings as well as assisted others in teaching fundamentals of falling, flying, failing and laughing. As a student and teacher, he uses his understanding of Bartenieff Fundamentals as well as his innate sense of spatial awareness to explore more deeply the ideas of being grounded, becoming softer, and forgetting the difference between up and down. He is currently on faculty at The Juilliard School, Sarah Lawrence College and Movement Research in NYC. He specializes in Contemporary Partnering, Floor Work and CI.

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