2019 Theme

Reflections on our culture and practice

Jam Guidelines and Protocol For Response to Incidents 
Following years of discussion in CI circles regarding the frequent failure of jam culture to create safer spaces for women, People of Color and LGBTQI folks, we continue to reflect and learn, engage each other and our teachers, and welcome disruption of business as usual. We are grateful for the community that challenges us to do better. Please check out this article in the Contact Quarterly that also features the #metoo interruption from last year's wcciJAM. Please also check our living document of Jam Guidelines and Protocol for Response to Incidents.
Inclusivity & Assumptions 
We have the fortune and misfortune to "live in interesting times." As festival organizers, we are keenly aware that what we do takes place in a specific sociopolitical context. At the 2017 wcciJAM, we put out a statement meant to generate dialogue. Click here to read the 2017 Statement and feel free to contact us if you wish to engage! 

This Body of Dance

The theme of wcciJAM 2019 is BODY. Our bodies are how we connect to the world and each other. Our bodies hold our lived experience and connections to our ancestors. Our bodies are the home we can return to, if we feel lost in the dance. Our bodies give rise and voice to our activism when we experience or see injustice, and to the depths of our joy when we feel free.


wcciJAM 2019 invites us to celebrate this body of dance we create, in the full wealth of our diversity. We welcome discussion and disruption, challenging of body norms and power structures that limit our bodies in different ways. We want to tap into the wisdom of our bodies, in movement and in felt sense, in taking action, and finding rest. We invite our bodies to be our teachers.

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Follow the links to the articles and publications below for good reads on the festival, CI practice, and some of the issues we face as a community of practice.


About wcciJAM

Abled, disabled, connect through DanceAbility

- Berkeley Times


WCCIJAM 2013: Talking Bay Area Contact Improvisation, Past Present & Future

- inDance

Contact Improvisers Consider #metoo

- inDance



About CI

Contact Improvisers consider #metoo

- wcciJAM 2018 organizers & teachers

Contact Quarterly

- CI's publication of record. Subscribe!

Interview with the Fear Snuggler

- Miryam Coppersmith interviewing Eroca Nicols

IWB = Improvising While Black

- Mayfield Brooks

Myths to Break Down: Moving Toward Ethical Communication and Ethical Sexuality in CI

- Sarah Gottlieb

Respecting Boundaries / Coexisting Genders Women’s Experiences of Feeling Unsafe in Contact Improv

- Brooks Yardley

“That lady”: The story of what happened when a woman put up a boundary in the contact improv world

- Kathleen Rea

The Newcomer Experience in Contact Dance Improvisation

- Kathleen Rea

The Stages of Consent Culture for Dance Communities

- Megan Emerson & Portland Country Dance Community


About the world we live in

Wetoo: What dancers talk about when they talk about sexism

- Ilse Ghekiere

The Difference Between Cultural Exchange and Cultural Appropriation

- Jarune Uwujaren


Privileges Held By Straight People

- Queers United

White Fragility

- Robin DiAngelo

Transphobia and Discrimination

- Trans Accessibility Project

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